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Rant on the pooper

So yeah - it's been awhile - so long in fact that before typing this I had to go a few rounds with "Mario Teaches Typing" just to figure out how to use the keyboard again. These days it's been really just mouse and keyboard cause I've been working on my EP that hopefully will be out by March. It's been a crazy experience, cause I never really had musical training and I'm doing the production/writing/arranging/composing/mixing/seppuku - it's pretty much been my under the blankets with a flashlight reading "music production for dummies." I hope everything turns out well and somehow make a humble contribution to the amazing world that is music.

Anyway - soon I'll be out of my cave - once I mix some of the instrumentals I'll put them up on the site.

AND FOR MY FELLOW NERDS:  if you have an XBOX360, add me with GoldMTN yeahhhh!!!


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keep us updated on the ep!
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Just learning up on the fine balance in this minute minuet called the intimate infinite...

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