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Is everyone ordering pizza today?


I ordered a Pizza (food of gods) like 2 hours ago and it still hasn't arrived yet.

I miss the 30 time limit from back in the day - if the delivery guy doesn't make it in time - FREE PIZZA.

Which was cool cause you'd be really cheap and give obscure directions and leave a huge inaccessable mess in front of your driveway/foyer/entrance just to buy that extra minute to FREE PIZZA.

And I swear everyone is ordering pizza cause I can smell if from the windows from my flat, and there's like more Pizza Hut bikes than taxis out there today.

Oh well, if you've got your pizza right now and you're eating it - give a slice out to the homies...


God damn empty stomach making me type all CRAZZZZZY

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2 and a Half.....
almost 16 years ago
Scottiehui 97 scottiehui
What pizza dude? Full details yo. mmmmm...pizzaaaa....
almost 16 years ago
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food for gods? nah man, thats white castle
almost 16 years ago
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i love your silly blogs
over 15 years ago


Just learning up on the fine balance in this minute minuet called the intimate infinite...

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