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Counterattack to the Wuxi finger hold?!


So I watched Kung Fu Panda last week - Awesome - but I left the theatre with a question I just couldn't shake.

I was really impressed by the sublime and undefeatable Wuxi Finger Hold but then I realize that there is a flaw of sorts. Is the technique really that bad ass? I mean, is there no counter at all?

It dawned on me a few days ago when my girlfriend attempted said attack; I felt totally helpless like Tai Long and decided to call her bluff until I realized I could actually fight back - fight back with ANOTHER WUXI FINGER HOLD ON HER PINKY THUS RENDERING HER ATTACK USELESS !!!!!

She tried to do the same to me with her other hand, but I countered that FLEXING MY PINKY BEFORE SHE COULD!

I figured it out.SKADOOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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lovin it! xx
almost 16 years ago


Just learning up on the fine balance in this minute minuet called the intimate infinite...

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