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some pic...

with the junior girls in here..

Zhao zhang An, China number 1 Shaolin Quan Champ.

this is my room..

my waist beg.. :)

yesterday, my coach took us to the mountain, near zhengzhou. the temple was a first militery academy in china, about 2000 year ago. we touht it would be like huge place for army and heavy weapon, but its not, its a cave where not many students learn about strategic militery war/art of war. cool! if im not wrong translating the guide man, Sunbing/Sun tzu wrote the book here.

my coaches,  teacher and her student, that also my coach. and so.. we visit a wushu scholl in little village, some where in the middle of huge farm.they got 500 students.


Govin pics, when i got home after Macau. she allready can walk, very funny, chasing me and my wife... like a Orang utan/chimpanzee walking. in the my training room. but she daont want to walk in the floor, but in the matras.

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Photo 56846
hahaaaaa - nice;)!
almost 16 years ago
Photo 56915
what a funny zoo ^^
almost 16 years ago
Photo 56915
almost 16 years ago
Photo 56915
Govin is nice, i remember when my sister Valentina 9 years ago, when she began to walk..hehe was sooo sweet and funny~~~~! In this age babies are very nice, they have to learn many things...so i think you have many nice moment at home with her (^.^)
almost 16 years ago


all martial art and wushu lover... nice to meet u! Gogi is a National Wushu Indonesia 1st champ since 1998, and a World Wushu 1st champ in Beijing 2007, and 3

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