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Music comes and goes for me. Just when you think you know what it's all about, it becomes new again. Producing music, I get bored easily following the rat race and carbon-copying what's the latest on the pop chart. Honestly, who cares! But, if you got skills to pay bills...Oh, I've started to recollect my CD collection from my youth and also, made it a rule to pick up the stuff I like and consider good music. So, just wanted to share wit y'all my recent diggin' session--I usually go to some mom & pop shops, dig through their 1st & 2nd hand CDs. Hey, one man's trash is another man's treasure. So, I picked up quite a few things. I was feeling bored sick of just listening to mp3s on iTunes. I got music to listen and digest for the next couple of days. Guess I'm old skool...I want back a CD walkman!! and a CD ghettoblaster...Ok, peace![](/attachments/2008/08/23432_200808010916461.thumb.jpg)Diggin' For Good Music pt 1

Miles Davis/Vol.2 Blue Note 5022

DJ Shadow/The Private Press

Zeebra/The New Beginning

Twista/The Day After (Chopped & Screwed Version by Paul Wall)

Little Brother/The Minstrel Show

Pras/Ghetto Supastar

Thicke/A Beautiful World


Cypress Hill/IV

Inner City Blues/The Music of Marvin Gaye

Rolling Stones/Forty Licks

Erykah Badu/Baduizm


DJ Tommy/Scratch Rider

A Tribe Called Quest/The Low End Theory

A Tribe Called Quest/People's Instinctive Travels and The Paths of Rhythm

Red Hot + Riot/Various

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