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She is Allicia, my designer, my wife, my supporter, my fans? Hehe! No matter how hard time I facing before, she is the one who always stand by my side and support me! Really thanks and appreciate that I found her in my life! @allicia7 #geoffreyleow #alliciasim

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Fujifilm X-A2 X MARLONS+CO.

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At my friend's cafe before go for meeting client.

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Do you want to buy my coconut? #fujifilmXA2 #gurlstudio #snapseed #coconut #littlegirl #girl #kids

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After long waiting and last the Sunflower is start blooming now! It is really worth for waiting. #flower #sunflower #blooming #yellow #gurlstudio #fujifilmXA2

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My part time daughter. Take with my 1st mirrorless camera, Fujifilm X-A2

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When super hero need part-time job... this what they can do... lol!

After few month from seed until 1st blooming. It is really worth to wait!

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Dear all Shopify user, this is great update for you. Shopify POS Update which Shopify POS in iPhone or IPad are now available to you for FREE to all Shopify's Merchant!

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Davidthian website is just list into MWA.my ... please vote for davidthian.com as well ok. If you still not vote for Gurlstudio.com.. also please do so.. hehe! Thanks!


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