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It is Saturday 24.01.2015 from Parit Buntar.

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Good Morning everyone!

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This is some very basic guide about web motion with CSS coding tutorial on how it works. Check this out which it is very useful tutorial for those who very new in web CSS motion code.

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Little new life just begun. #sunflower #pallet #palletproject #geoffreyleow #life #green

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Startup Weekend Georgetown is going to happen next week. Come and join us! #swgeorgetown15 #startup #startupweekend #design #tech #development #54hours #google #entrepreneurs #gurlstudio #dodomons

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Dodomons Maker 01 | Learning • Doodling • Making. Get this at http://shop.dodomons.com #dodomons #dodomonsmakerbook #maker #electronic #kids

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Our Dodomons Maker 01 can be purchase from online now. Check out shop.dodomons.com ... You can get it and doodle + crafting with electronic with your kids at home! #dodomons #dodomonsmakerbook #maker #doodle #electronic

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Startup Weekend Georgetown 2015 - 16th to 18th January at Hang Chiang college.

It is good for you if you want build new startup, understand about startup and entrepreneur. Check it out and hope to see you there!

Hehe... this is most photographer don't like to here from their customer. So take note of this and try not to say those to your photographer! :)


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