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Sunset scenery from our new studio! #gurlstudio #dodomons #shopjedi #sunset #bandarcassia #batukawan #penang

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Mobile now is official over take desktop for online ecommerce. Mobile Now Accounts for 50.3% of All Ecommerce Traffic around the world!

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Dodomons workshop in Penang 26th December 2014 at Penang Science Cluster, Crystal point there. If you like to join the kids workshop from age 8 to 12, visit the link and register now. Limited seat only.

Have you join DevFest + GDays George Town 2014 last weekend? Check out this awesome video! #DevFestGdaysGT2014 #TechEventPenang #shopify #singtel #shopjedi #gurlstudio

AFA2014 in Singapore coming this December! Check this out... Very nice AFA promo video!

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Intel X Dodomons having same mission? Hehe!

Mickey in India... this is nice! check it out!

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My 1st pallet DIY project! The counter! Half done... Hehe!

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Recently we been busy not just prepare our dodomons maker books. We also do busy prepare one of our new education center at Parit Buntar here. Do like our page and check it out! Our Dodomons maker workshop will be happening soon and will held at EduFarm 乐学苑.

Gurlstudio + Shopjedi + Dodomons new home studio under construction. Will be coming soon! #gurlstudio #dodomons #designstudio #soho

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