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my Personal studio in new outlook now

Hi there,

Lately so busy to design website for client here and there. I have been sometimes not being in here already, How bout you guys out there? wish everyone here are well! hehe!

I have been restructure on my personal website Gurlstudio.com ... hope you guys can give a visit and do give some comment if you have free time. The website are using wordpress template as the main engine and some new coding such as css3 + jquery to made the effect what flash can do. I try avoid using Flash due to wanna made my website full access by iphone or ipad... hehe!

Hope you guys enjoy it and for those if you are from Penang, Malaysia. Do let me know if you like to meet up for drinks or chit chat. Thanks d!

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The site looks nice. If you ever need music for anything my company provides compositions for all media outlets. Cheers
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