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  • Galleri BEIJING Galleri BEIJING

    Wednesday, Aug 5, 2009 3:10PM / Event
    38 pictures / 3144 views

    On July 25th 2009, Galleri Magazine plus artists selected from Issues 1-4 were invited to take part and attend a major fashion show production held at the Jing Yuan Art Museum in Beijing.

    The event "The Art of Life" for multi-label brand SIU featured dance performances, an elaborate fashion show starring supermodel Liu Dan and an exhibition of Galleri artists' work.

    Galleri artist's in attendance at the lavish bash were Scott Chan, Kalun, Ike, Emily Eldridge, David RE and Jesper McIlroy as well as Galleri founders Jay FC and Timon Wehrli.

    Thanks to Ricky Lo and all the lovely ladies at SIU for the invitation and for making us so welcome in Beijing. This is just the start of many forays into Greater China for the magazine and its mission.

  • Media Media

    Tuesday, Dec 23, 2008 5:55PM / Standard Album
    13 pictures / 3667 views

    It's kinda wierd for a magazine to get coverage in other magazines - but we do.. So I guess we're doing something right... Thanks as always to all those who support this project.

  • CLASSY DIRTY Exhibition CLASSY DIRTY Exhibition

    Tuesday, Dec 23, 2008 4:53PM / Standard Album
    27 pictures / 3855 views / 1 comment

    Created especially for GalleriFOUR, the CLASSY DIRTY exhibition was a collaboration between Galleri Magazine, Belvedere Vodka and alivenotdead.com

    The Classy Dirty theme was inspired by recent works for Belvedere by Terry Richardson and was then interpreted by 23 alivenotdead.com artists in their own unique style.

    Artists included; Simon Birch, 1Kstyles, Bie Lie, Gareth Brown - Blow Up Studio, ChinaStylus, Emily Eldridge, GraphicAirlines, Jay FC, JIH-E-PENG, Jonathan Jay Lee, Jon Tadashi Martin, Katy Pang, KELEBRA, ManTsun, MOE INAKI, TimonWehrli, Yan Zhuang Mei, Isabell Chan, Andrew J. Loiterton, Brooke Kent and Anna Fredriksson.

  • GalleriFOUR   Selection GalleriFOUR Selection

    Tuesday, Dec 23, 2008 4:36PM / Standard Album
    37 pictures / 5146 views / 1 comment

    GalleriFOUR was published in December 2008 and featured the following artists: Andrew Lee, Harmony Pang, Cyrus NONAME, YanZhuangMei, William Belle, Dan F, Shan Larsson, Aries Lee, Ka Fai, Samson Luk, KELEBRA, Micros Yip, Kerick Wong, Wilson Shieh, JIH-E-PENG, Cheapman, Cheung Kinwai, Jen, Katy Pang, Invasian Magazine, Kalun Leung, Daniel Lim, Alain Yip, A Yip, Johnny Dance, John Lam, MOE INAKI, Cupid Leung Chi Lam, WZA x Know1edge, Bie Lie, Tim aka 4Get, Kay Yuen and Enoch Cheung

  • GalleriFOUR at DADA Lounge GalleriFOUR at DADA Lounge

    Tuesday, Dec 23, 2008 1:59PM / Event
    21 pictures / 3576 views / 2 comments

    Another great magazine and another epic launch party for GalleriFOUR... Over 500 people showed up to DADA Lounge to get an exclusive first view of the magazine, check out the CLASSY DIRTY Exhibition, down some serious Belvedere cocktails and shake their bootys to some fine tunage courtesy of Simon Pang and the boys from Stattus.

    A very big thank you to our sponsors - Belvedere Vodka, DADA Lounge and of course alivenotdead.com for helping to make this one of the best Galleri events so far... And thanks to all those that made it all the way to TST for the party to show their appreciation and support.

    Thanks to our very own Steve Wong over at Red Dog for these images. And for more pix of the night check out these links: RED DOG, HKCLUBBING and LIFESTYLE.

  • GalleriTHREE Selection GalleriTHREE Selection

    Wednesday, Apr 16, 2008 10:15AM / Artwork
    36 pictures / 6358 views / 2 comments

    GalleriTHREE was officially launched at a massive party at KEE Club on 10 April 2008. Another 148 pager, this issue features everything from photographers to fashion stylists, tattoo art to magic, illustration, design and architecture. This issue features ANDers Sean K, Red Dog, Chinastylus and Pat Lee plus other artists including Man-Tsun, Zaha Hadid, Yee Ting Kuit, Ling Jian, Elsie Wong, Mimi Leung, Handiedan, Gabe, Urban Decoy, Jonathan Jay Lee, Vi@Graphicairlines, Sean Macfarlane, Jan Chan, Kwan Yee Lut, Nigel Reading, Scott Chan, Kit Yip, Emily Eldridge, Steve Wong, Lionel Maung, Moni Rabbit, Gareth Brown, Beauluxe, Ching Yee Wong, Ian Langdon, Jay Lim, Devashard and ESP.

    A limited number of copies are available at select venues across town, or go to www.galleri.hk to download a soft copy.

    See a few sample pages here.

  • GalleriTHREE at KEE Club GalleriTHREE at KEE Club

    Monday, Apr 14, 2008 1:11PM / Event
    22 pictures / 9273 views / 1 comment

    A very big thank you to the 700 or more folks who turned out and queued round the block on April 10th to help celebrate the launch of GalleriTHREE. We had a great mix of people and a very appreciative crowd who all  seemed genuinely interested in what we're doing – they weren't just there to be seen and get a free drink.. Result!

    Also a special thank you to our event sponsors GAS, Kee Club and Bombay Sapphire. And not forgetting a big up to the chunky sounds provided Vinnie and the mighty Kulu.

  • Galleri at Chanel Mobile Art Galleri at Chanel Mobile Art

    Wednesday, Apr 2, 2008 1:01PM / Event
    37 pictures / 7717 views / 3 comments

    We were lucky enough to get an invite from Chanel to hold a private reception at the Mobile Art Container on March 29th. Here's a few pix of the event - a veritable feast of ANDers, including Daniel Wu, Andrew Lin, Terence Yin, Lisa S, Michael Wong, Drafus Chow, Damon Howe, Patrick Lee, Min Yoo, Simon Birch, Liza Lebeda and of course Galleri honchos Jay FC and Timon Wehrli and their crews from ChinaStylus and Red Dog.

    A very big thank you to Kaye Shu at Chanel for making this happen and for all her support.

  • GalleriTWO at RACKS MDB GalleriTWO at RACKS MDB

    Tuesday, Jan 22, 2008 5:43PM / Event
    7 pictures / 4592 views / 2 comments

    It seems everyone was waaay to busy having a good time at this party to get many decent shots - which is probably just as well considering the way the night ended up...  And a BIG shout to our event sponsors Racks, Tiger Beer, Pravda Vodka, Mancura and Leap of Faith.

  • GalleriTWO Selection GalleriTWO Selection

    Tuesday, Jan 22, 2008 11:23AM / Artwork
    37 pictures / 4567 views

    GalleriTWO featured artists: King Of Kowloon, Tik Ka, Jacob Liu, Henry Chu,:), Zhang Lin Hai, ST/ART vs RBK, Sing 12345, Stranglehold, TAT, Movana Chen, C#, Chan Nim Yan Keith, Kakin Thomas Tsui, Red Dog Studio, Creatoutline, Gene Chow Yanlo, Wayne Bregulla, Clementine Chan, Josh Sellars, Lam Tung-Pang, Hato, The Bamboo Man, Clarence KM Tam, High & Dry, Stephen Lam, Sonjia Norman, Tommy Leung, Molko Chan, Martin Roth, German Esono, Stanley Wong, Vivian Poon, KplusK, Wilson Tsang

  • GalleriONE Launch at KEE CLUB GalleriONE Launch at KEE CLUB

    Tuesday, Jan 22, 2008 9:47AM / Event
    20 pictures / 7881 views / 3 comments

    Thanks to William Furniss and Liza Lebeda at hiphongkong.com for the party pix... And a big shout to our event sponsors Kee Club and Bombay Sapphire.

  • GalleriONE    Selection GalleriONE Selection

    Tuesday, Jan 22, 2008 9:39AM / Artwork
    41 pictures / 5138 views

    GalleriONE featured artists: Kenneth Tsang, Jeff Hahn, Graphicairlines, Leon Saperstein, Zhao Fang, Jay Forster, Dusk, John Lui, Eamonn O'Boyle, Nicola Russell, Start From Zero, Cheung Wai Ling, Isabellbellbell, KS, William Furniss, Tiffany Cheetah, Justo, Andrew Loiterton, Evereverse, Jon Tadashi Martin, Yu Chen, Celestial, Adrian Tsang, Liesone, Franklin, Joysuke, Lam Yuk Lin, Nick Street, Timon Wehrli, Cathlove, AKW vs Steve Ellul, Clarice Yuen, Regina, Anthony Wallace, 2020, Racks, Simon Birch, ST/ART Collective


  • Galleri Magazine is a ChinaStylus and Red Dog Studio project. Its purpose is to show that Hong Kong’s creative community is alive and well and ready to be seen by the rest of the world....


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