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  • I'm "judging" Asian movies in Spain (Sitges Film Festival)

    Friday, Oct 5, 2012 6:05PM / Event / Asian Cinema

    Arrived yesterday in Spain for the first time, for the 45th edition of the pretty awesome Sitges Film Festival a.k.a. Festival International de Cinema Fantastic de Catalunya which will last 10 days (from October 4th to 14th, 2012). 
    The legendary Scream Queen Barbara Steele at the opening party of the 45th Sitges Film Festival (Oct. 4th, 2012)

    I'm of of the three jury members of the Asian film section 'Casa Asia'. This morning at breakfast, I bumped into director Soi Cheang and actor Shaw Yue, who will present "Motorway", one of the movie that I will have to 'judge' tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon. 

    Shawn Yue, Soi Cheang and me this morning in Sitges.

    Check out the full program on the official website of the festival here: http://sitgesfilmfestival.com


  • The 7th Chinese Cinema Film Festival in Paris starts tomorrow

    Wednesday, Sep 19, 2012 5:36AM / Standard Entry

    Full program (PDF file / French & Chinese titles) here:


  • Confirmed Guests for the 18th edition of L'Etrange Festival

    Tuesday, Sep 4, 2012 2:48PM / Press Release / Festival

    This is the list of the confirmed guests for the 18th edition of L'Etrange Festival in Paris (80 films from Sep. 6th to Sept. 16th 2012!)


    *Kenneth Anger: For his Carte Blanche and his exhibition (organised by Galerie du Jour Agnès B.)
    *Jan Kounen: For his Carte Blanche  and the Ron Fricke Focus
    *Mathieu Seiler, Olivier Geissler & Anna Hausburg for the Mathieu Seiler Focus
    *Ben Wheatley: Focus on his 3 feature films


    *Juan Carlos Medina: "Insensibles" international premiere

    Juan Carlos Medina (Paris, July 2012) - (c) Fred Ambroisine

    *Ciaran Foy: "Citadel" French premiere
    *Peter Strickland: "Berberian Sound Studio" French premiere
    *Crispian Mills: "A Fantastic Fear of Everything" French premiere
    *Bruno Samper: "Vanishing Waves" French premiere
    *Alexander Vartanov: "Bullet Collector" French premiere
    *Juan Martinez Moreno et his actor Gorka Otxoa: "Game of werewolves" French premiere


    *David Cholewa & his creaw: "Dead Shadows" World premiere

    *Shane Aquino et members of Heavenly Trip To Hell: "Road Dogs" International premiere
    *Lee Madsen: "Hated" French premiere

    *Benjamin Reiner, Vincent Patar & Stéphane Aubier: "Ernest & Célestine" screening

    *Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead: "Resolution" French premiere


    *Pierre William Glenn: "Le cheval de Fer" screening


    *Kenneth Anger & Brian Butle: "Technicolor Skull" Cine-concert + "The Occult Program" screening
    *7 Weeks: for Bob Clark's "Dead of Night" Cine-concert

    *Sayona (Shazzula+Ernesto): "Black Mass Rising" French premiere

    Check out the full program below:


  • Photos: Hong Kong cocktail at Paris Cinema

    Monday, Jul 9, 2012 6:34PM / Standard Entry

    Text from HKIFFS E-Newsletter Issue 121 (July 5th, 2012). Photos by Fred Ambroisine (July 3rd, 2012)

    Hong Kong cinema glams up for a night of celebration in Paris

    Possibly the most dazzling event of the Hong Kong in Focus programme at the 10th Paris Cinema International Film Festival (PCIFF), the "Hong Kong Night at Paris Cinema" cocktail party took place on 3 July 2012 at Shangri-La Hotel Paris.

    In celebration of Hong Kong's diverse and ever-evolving cinema, as well as the 15th anniversary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the cocktail reception was attended by renowned guests and promising young talents from the Hong Kong film industry, including the exceptional action choreographer YUEN Wo Ping, esteemed auteur Johnnie TO, two-time Best Actress winner at the Hong Kong Film Awards, Kara WAI, Hong Kong New Wave leader Allen FONG, director of the critically acclaimed High Noon, Heiward MAK, and Best New Director of the 31st Hong Kong Film Awards, Jessey TSANG.

    It was a memorable and symbolic night as the Hong Kong delegation shared the limelight with iconic names from French cinema, such as Olivier ASSAYAS and Charlotte RAMPLING, President of the PCIFF. "We are thrilled to see so many prominent figures showing their support for Hong Kong and its cinema. This has been a wonderful opportunity to show that Hong Kong cinema is alive and kicking!" said Roger GARCIA, Executive Director of the HKIFFS.

    The Hong Kong in Focus programme (29 June – 10 July 2012) is a collaboration between the HKIFFS and the PCIFF, presenting over 80 classic and rare titles from 1948 to the present, the first time such an eclectic selection of Hong Kong films has been shown in Paris.

    Check out the 70 photos from this event HERE.


  • Yuen Wo Ping in France for Paris Cinema Film Festival

    Wednesday, Jul 4, 2012 8:21AM / Event / Festival

    This afternoon, I had the chance to meet the legendary Hong Kong director and fight choreographer Yuen Wo Ping in Paris during the Paris Cinema International Film Festival. I only had 17 minutes to interview but fortunately other journalists friends (From Eastasia, HKCinemagic, 1Kult etc.) let me crash their interviews to take more photos and shoot some more video.

    After that in the evening, Master Yuen presented the screening of one movie that he directed in the 90's, "Iron Monkey" (I shot this presentation as well)... Total: 2h of DV footage. 45min of HD footage. 17min of interview. 100 photos. Not bad.

    And after this presentation, Yuen Wo-ping went to the "cocktail in honour of Hong Kong" organised by the festival (in partenership with the city of Paris, the HKETO, the HKFDC, the HKIFFS & TV5MONDE) where  others Hong Kong guest were like Kara Hui, Johnnie To, Allen Fong, Li Cheuk-to (HKIFF) & Roger Garcia (HKIFF). Photos coming soon...



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