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RT @nifff: #DavidCronenberg shares with us his literature influences : he explains that he read books and articles about science and that n…

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RT @nifff: Director and Writer #DavidCronenberg about his debuts in filming : "I was always writing as a young man, like novels for science…

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RT @nifff: The conference "How Literature has Consumed the Work of David Cronenberg" starts now ! Don't miss the signing session right afte…

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RT @nifff: The conference with #DavidCronenberg at #NIFFF18 live in English here: https://t.co/5Urdcq5sPB

NIFFFExtended #Crash #ExistenZ #…

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RT @nifff: [ PROGRAM 9 ] Today at #NIFFF18 : video games with Weta Gameshop, #DavidCronenberg, Gaylene Preston, Vertigo, A Young Man with H…

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RT @nifff: Rebekah Tisch (Art Director) tells the audience how much the particular land of New Zealand defines the identity of the films #W…

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RT @nifff: "More films have been made in New Zealand in the recent years than in the whole last century" Marc Checkley #WhatWeDoInNewZealan…

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RT @nifff: #WhatWeDoInNewZealand amazing conference with films directors and art director Gaylene Preston, Rebekah Tisch and Chris Stapp co…

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DavidCronenberg, President of the international jury for the #NIFFF18 is here! @nifff #Photoshoot #MakingOf… https://t.co/lWVm5k63vD

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RT @SRGSSR: Apocalypse🌪 @NIFFF⚡️Ouverture du festival avec #Le5eCavalier la nouvelle websérie fantastique💥 @RadioTeleSuisse #aboutSSR #CHF…

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July 23, 2007

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