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RT @damilne1: Photo of the Day. https://t.co/kVtv4xbxxu

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RT @LightsCameraPod: John Wick rides a horse in the next movie? Give it the Oscar for Best Picture right now. https://t.co/ByiYSIy8Ss

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RT @SCMPNews: Elon Musk “was asked to leave very quickly” when he tried to visit the Thai cave https://t.co/4hTix370tS

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RT @LATbermudez: Tonight, Guatemalan asylum seeker Hermelindo Che Coc was reunited w/ his 6-yr-old son, Jefferson at LAX. The two were sepa…

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RT @HolyroodLiam: The most iconic image of the World Cup - France's Kylian Mbappé high fiving a member of Pussy Riot after she broke onto t…

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RT @loic_val: Gaspar Noé being awarded by David Cronenberg at #NIFFF18 ❤️ https://t.co/7tWSYNK8Ox

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RT @JordanPeele: I had the privilege of getting a sneak peek at Sacha Baron Cohen’s new show #WhoIsAmerica last night. Holy. Shit. It’s ess…

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RT @RuffinDebout: Aux - étudiants qui perdent des APL - retraités qui paient la CSG - handicapés qui perdent leur prime d'activité - salari…

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RT @marion_seury: j'arrive peut-être après la bataille, mais un grand oui pour cette reprise de "Cemalim" par Altin Gün https://t.co/YvQpLB…

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RT @nifff: "I was influenced by the art film of the 50s and the french critics, Truffaut and Godart." #DavidCronenberg #NFW #NIFFFExtended…

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July 23, 2007

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