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    Friday, Apr 2, 2010 3:08AM / Standard Entry



    Wednesday, Mar 10, 2010 2:41AM / Event / Asian Cinema

    2003: OLD BOY

    2010: OLD BOY 2



    Wednesday, Mar 3, 2010 12:04AM / News / Cinema

    Once again, like every year, I’ll fly to Hong Kong to attend the Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (FILMART); I’ll be there as usual as press (journalist for a French magazine + cameraman / photographer etc...) and filmmaker (will promote my new documentary “FICA: From the Near East” and have some meetings for an upcoming project) but I’ll be there also as a sales person for a couple of indie foreign compagnies, one from the USA (Left Hand Films) and the other one from Lebanon (Collection d’Artiste, owned by writer/director/producer Jocelyne Saab). I’ll stay only two weeks in Hong Kong, but I hope I’ll have the time to do everything during my stay!

    Here are some informations about the movies that I’m selling:


    TEEN A-GO-GO: A little film about rock and roll history (2010)

    Directed by Melissa Kirkendall. Genre: documentery / musical


    Synopsis: On February 9, 1964 Rock and Roll changed forever when the Beatles premiered live on the Ed Sullivan show. An estimated 73 million viewers (over forty percent of the entire U.S. population at the time) was tuned in. Teens all across America were glued to their TV sets as they witnessed a true turning point in Rock history.


    On February 10, 1964, it would seem that 10 million teens had something new to do. With their jaws still on the floor and inspiration stirring within, thousands of youngsters knew that their destiny lay in rock and roll. From that point on, every meaningful change that rock and roll has gone through started with some teenagers, alone in a garage, banging away at three chords. The Teen Scene was born.

    What were the teen scenes like?  What happened to these bands?  Who made it big, who didn’t and why? Why is this music still influencing young rock and rollers today? 

    Teen A-Go-Go” explores these questions and answers them through the eyes and hearts of musicians across the country and one particularly unique and influential community in Texas. The musicianship and influence this community contributed to rock and roll is both unprecedented and impressive in it’s almost “kept secret” state.  Music that these teens made in “one take” recordings in 1965 through 1968 has become highly collectable and in some cases continues to receive radio play.


    Through a series of interviews with the musicians themselves, industry experts, super 8 footage, archival TV footage and photographs, “Teen A-Go-Go” takes the viewer on an entertaining, nostalgic ride into the teen scenes and into the lives of the people who lived it.


    Featuring: Lenny Kaye (critic, musician, compiler, and producer), Ira Robbins (co-founder of Trouser Press), Billy Miller (Founder of Norton Records), the 5,6,7,8’s (featured in Kill Bill V. 1), King Coffee (Butthole Surfers), Bruce Channel (‘Hey Baby’ and Rockabilly HOF), Johnny Reno (Stevie Ray Vaughan's Triple Threat Revue, Lounge Kings), Joe Nick Patoski (writer, contributor, editor, biographer, Rolling Stone, Texas Monthly), Ron Chapman (TV’s "Sump'N Else", Texas Radio HOF), Bobbie Wygant (TV critic, personality and host), John Nitzinger (Guitrist, Songwriter), Bugs Henderson (Mouse and the Traps), Rusty Burns (Point Blank), ThElite, Larry and the Blue Notes, The Barons, The Cynics, The Mods, Jack and the Rippers, The Novas, Kandy Kanes, The Excels (Rockabilly HOF), Major Bill Smith (Record Producer, ‘Hey, Hey Paula’, ‘Hey Baby’).  



    Directed by Jocelyne Saab. Genre: Erotic drama.


    Synopsis: The graceful curve of a woman's neck. The seductive jangle of bent gold bracelets sliding onto an arm. Welcome to the world of Dunia, a student of poetry and belly dancing, whose artistic expression is inhibited because she cannot experience desire.

    Mentored by the ardent public intellectual Dr. Beshir (played by Egyptian superstar singer Mohammad Mounir), Dunia begins an all-consuming search for ecstasy in poetry, dance, and music–taking us into the world of women in a society that both fetishizes and oppresses female sexuality. Ultimately, Dunia must confront the traditions that have destroyed her capacity for pleasure before she can experience it.


    Context: The story unfolds in Egypt, the moment "The Thousand and one Night" are prohibited for accusations of pornography. The film references poetry, dance and music that are at the root of the Arab nation, and that precedes its states.

    It is a coming of age story, an affirmation of identity, of the place the individual and his values hold in a society of pre-modernity.

    These are experiences shared across the Arab world, and across its social strata. The film's dramatic highpoint is centered on Female Genital Mutilation, in as much of an effort to denounce it literally,as well as use it as a platform to refer to the notion of a cultural and intellectual excision. FGM is an African reality and drama, that is practiced in two Arab countries only: Egypt and Sudan.


    WHAT’S GOING ON? (2010)

    Directed by Jocelyne Saab. Genre: Drama Romance Fantasy


    Plot: “What’s Going On?” at bottom is a tale of exploring the imagination of a writer  plus a tale of exploring the city of Beirut. The film deals with the initiation to love and the female soul. Will Jalal the writer succeed in writing his book? What will he do with this heart he steals? So the title of the film—“What’s Going On?” takes on new meaning

    Short synopsis: Beirut 2010. A writer, who regrets not keeping his promise to his dressmaker father to follow in his footsteps,designs, cuts sews and pins the “body” of his own text. His imagination is inspired by real people, for example, Khouloud a woman who dances in parking lots which are full of the city’s memories , and whose loving heart he wishes to steal.  Thus the metaphor of imagination introduced through scissors, patterns and fabric that the writer drapes over a dressmaker’s dummy.


    From the very first shot is not clear what is going on. What is true? What is false? Who are the characters and are the situations real or is the writer once again diverting the lives of his models for his own creative purposes, a new

    love story in Beirut?

    Sales inquiries for “Teen A-Go-Go” (Worldwide), “Dunia” & “What’s Going On?” (Asian Territories): Frédéric Ambroisine. French mobile: +33 6 61 89 94 73. Hong Kong Mobile (from March 21st to April 5th, 2010): +852 9752 1282. E-mail: [email protected]



    Tuesday, Feb 23, 2010 11:30PM / Information / Asian Cinema

    This is the cover of the last unreleased issue of the French magazine Kumite. It was supposed to be released in March 2008 but it never happened and the mag was not even printed for the journalists who wrote in it.

    Featuring articles on “Mad Detective 神探”, “Lost in Beijing 苹果”, “Saigon Eclipse / Sài Gòn nht thc”, “The Butcher 도살자”, The 2007 Pusan International Film Festival + interviews of Li Yu 李玉, Othello Khanh, Kim Jin-won 김진원, Xu Jing-lei 徐靜蕾, Ching Siu-tung 程小東, Peter Chan 陳可辛, Feng Xiao-gang , Im Kwon-taek임 권택,  Royston Tan, Gan Jae-Rim 한 재림, Hiroyuki Sanada , Jackie Chan 成龍, Kim Sung-su 김성수, Jung Woo-sung 정우성 & Ringo Lam 林岭.


    Frédéric Ambroisine (Feb. 23rd, 2010)



    Saturday, Feb 13, 2010 10:41PM / News / Action Queens

    "Dream Home": Beneath the soft, romantic title lurks what might possibly be the craziest, bloodiest slasher film ever made in Hong Kong!

    "Dream Home" poster designed by Josie Ho

    Produced, directed and written by the rebellious and prolific Pang Ho-cheung ("You Shoot I Shoot", "Men Suddenly In Black"), who doesn’t give a damn that its sexual and violent content guarantees it won’t be shown in Mainland China, "Dream Home" had an unparalleled $4 million production budget (amazing, considering the current Hong Kong cinema crisis) and is also the first movie produced and financed by 852 Films, a company co-founded by "Dream Home" lead actress Josie Ho.

    Josie Ho & Pang Ho-cheung

    While involved in her role as a young, hard working woman willing to do anything to have her own apartment, Josie Ho revealed to Action Queens some exclusive information and gruesome anecdotes about her work on the movie, both in front of and behind the camera. Let the massacre begin!...

    Frederic Ambroisine: Tell me about the company that you founded, 852 Films.

    Josie Ho: 852 Films is a film company I recently formed with my husband, Conroy Chan, and my manager in the States, Andrew Ooi. Our goal is to produce commercial films in Hong Kong that are more youthful, and edgier. We feel that Hong Kong produces a lot of films but it lacks edgy films, so we would really like to show people what we can do. We’d like to push our culture forward and be able to open up everyone’s view...

    Josie Ho goes nuts in "Dream Home" (HK release date: May 13th, 2010)

    Read the whole interview on actionqueens.com

    Frédéric Ambroisine (Feb. 13th, 2009)



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