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This morning, I was in North Point at the Sunbeam Theatre, on the set of a very special movie named “ Les Nuits Rouges du Bourreau de Jade”a.k.a“Le Notti Rosse Del Boia di Jade”(Literal translation: ).


It’s the first feature film directed and produced by Laurent Courtiaud and Julien Carbon, two French filmmakers based in Hong Kong since the mid-90’s, who wrote scripts for several Hong Kong directors including Johnnie To 杜琪峰, Tsui Hark 徐克 and even Wong Kar-wai 王家衛.


According to Laurent Courtiaud, “ Red Nights” will be a kind of “ Hong Kong giallo” with mystery, (sadistic) murders, fetishism and women.


Carrie Ng 吳家麗, one of the three main actresses (the two others are Frédérique Bel and Carole Brana) was on the set today, but only to try some costumes. She also made several interviews and photo shoots with the local press.


Maria Chen 陳霽平was also on the set, and didn’t shoot any scene either. In the movie, she’s a bad girl who speaks Cantonese and French.  


The scene which was shot today was a Cantonese Opera performance with a Chinese French speaking actor named Stephane Wong ......and a female Cantonese Opera singer (I don’t know her name yet).  


This scene was choreographed apparently by Law Kar-Ying羅家英 (who’ll be back soon as an actor this year in “ Kungfu Cyborg機器俠”).

Will go back of the set tomorrow. More news about “ Red Nights” very soon…

Frédéric Ambroisine (April 7th, 2009)


NB: More info about “ Red Nights” on the official website of Laurent Courtiaud and Julien Carbon’s production company, Red East Pictures.


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Photo 5614
great pics from the set... Carrie Ng still looks the same... =) Looking forward to hearing more about this new movie.
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
nice, i love chinese opera!
over 8 years ago | flag as spam
Miss yellow
wow, long time no see Carrie Ng!!!!!
over 8 years ago | flag as spam
Photo 55108
yup freddy .... confirming as we discussed yesterday .... carrie ng is still red hot hot -- haha so u familiar with the sunbeam theatre now ... u also now know where to go for dimsum lunch when u work there next ... seeya tonite mate!
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Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
So Carrie Ng's finally back! I've been wondering what the heck has happened to her in recent years.
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Photo 47725
This looks like it will be outstanding! And it really is good to see Carrie Ng back in action--and still looking GORGEOUS!! Thanks for sharing this information with us.
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Photo 442564
sounds like an intriguing movie
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