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Tokyo Dec - M-FLO DJ Party at ageHa - pt 2 - Noodles In the House!

Continuing from my last blog about the m-flo DJ Party held at ageha in Tokyo on December 22nd, 2010.   Aside from seeing m-flo perform I also wanted to see Noodles' set of course.  i got there early and staked out a front row spot for the entire hour.  Here's a video compilation I took: (Sorry, I mostly focused on the turntable tricks... ) ;-)I am totally biased but I have to say of all the DJs spinning, I think Noodles rocked it the best. In this particular room the place was mostly empty before she went on, but it was totally full when she was playing and then immediately 80% of the people left once she got off....

a good datapoint to support my conclusion. :-PThe DJ who was spinning before Noodles.Mentos = good

Free Mentos = great

Free Mentos from the Mentos Japan Cheerleading squad = even better! :-PVerbal and his wife Joon were there at the end too.Besides the main room and the place Noodles' DJ'ed, the other interesting area of the party was the outdoor deck area in the back.  It had a small pool in the center (w/ no ropes to keep  you from falling in and freezing to death) and the DJ booth was actually a small shack in the corner.I'm not sure who this DJ was, but he was quite good.  m-flo's Taku is there on the left along with the Fantastic Plastic Machine guy.I would be remiss if I didn't mention a bit more about my 'Kid N Play' blog from a few days back. -One of the more interesting (bizarre) sights I saw this night were these four Japanese guys in Hip-Hop attire...

Hip-hop attire is not an uncommon site in contemporary Japan... they're called 'b-boys' or 'b-girls' usually... some of them tan or use spray on tans to even make themselves look more black!

But what made these skin-darkening hip-hopsters unique was the fact that they were not going for 2010 hip-hop, they were 100% New Jack Style,  straight out of 1990!

Do the right thing! Fight the Power![](/attachments/2010/12/30/00/23002_201012300055201.thumb.jpg) They even somehow managed to perm their hair into a high top fade... 

While I was standing near them, an actual American black girl walked by and was amazed at their hair (she even reached out and touched it... something that frequently happens to black people in Asia but this is the first time I've ever seen it in reverse!)  I didn't manage to get it on tape, but they were actually fully 'in character' and were only doing era-authentic hip-hop dancing...  it wasn't quite this fancy, but you get the idea:

AnD represent![](/attachments/2010/12/29/02/23002_201012290243413.thumb.jpg)Burger King represent!All in all, a great party!  I'm really glad I decided to go!  I ended up hanging with Noodles and Audrey til about 5am, once the trains opened up I headed back to my hotel to crash.... except there was another earthquake aftershock around 6am. :-P

i've got a few more blogs worth of stuff from my trip to share... stay tuned! (i haven't even gotten to the Maid Cafes...)

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Djnoodles 95 djnoodles
Thanks for big support!!! AND rock!! see u guys next year~
大约 8 年 ago
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noodles rocks!
大约 8 年 ago
Photo 484335
it is a awesome trip you have ! i like the video ^^
大约 8 年 ago
Photo 505164
The truth is that those guys dress like that because they're the deffest brothas on the block. ;)
大约 8 年 ago
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straight up!
大约 8 年 ago


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