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Surround 6.1 +THX|環繞6.1與THX音效|环绕6.1与THX音效

I prefer living in flats than houses, cuz it's more cozy.  And in Hong Kong, people mostly live in flats. 

But there's one thing i am pretty sure no one can stand.

That's when someone living in your building is having a renovation.

Yes, having one renovation means drilling and drilling and drilling from 9am-6pm.  Including Saturday.

But that's nothing compared to the whole building renovation.


Yes, the earth is dying, air, water, all ki...Read more

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Ankle Hurt|腳踝受傷|脚踝受伤

Yesterday i was playing squash, and sprained my ankle really bad. 

It's been at least 6-7 years since i last hurt my ankle, the last time was playing basketball.

In fact i have never sprained my ankle on a squash or badminton court. 

I blame my new shoes.

Seriously, i shouldn't have worn a pair of running shoes to play racket games.  Running shoes are too gripping on the floor, and that's the reason why i sprained my ankle.

The worst part was, before i played squash, i ran really fast...Read more

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My Jukebox|我的點唱機|我的点唱机

Just thought i put some of my favorite Swing tracks that are not so well known into this jukebox,

so you can all have a taste of the hard work we put in years ago.  Thanks for listening!

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Pop Song|流行歌曲|流行歌曲

One of my most satisfying work in the past few years. 

Video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=pwzHT_c_06w&feature=related


Video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=pwzHT_c_06w&feature=related


Video: Read more

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Do you remember this old HK commerical?|還記得這支年代久遠的香港廣告嗎?|还记得这支年代久远的香港广告吗?

this commercial aired for a long time, i can still feel it!

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903 Live Concert|903拉闊音樂會|903拉阔音乐会

Just wish we had more time.

Singing with Jerald makes me wanna "Swing" again.

Glad we sang a Swing song we had never sung before on stage. 


Let's hope my jukebox have this song.

YMCA!  Damn the footsteps and singing together!!!!

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Mission Accomplished|完成任務|完成任务

Well, no pictures yet, but just wanna say,


Of course, i screwed up a few times here and there on the dancing, but who knows?

I had lots of fun and the show went better than i expected. 

I sweated so much!  It was so tiring, doing all the dancing and then had to sing slow songs right after.  Dang!

Just wanna say, thanks to my dancing teachers, CR2, my friends, and Jan, Fama, and Miriam. 


结束...Read more

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Dance Rehearsals

After 4 days of dance rehearsals, i can tell you i have gotten so much healthier. 

I have lost weight, got a lot of exercise, sleeping well and feeling much better.

On the other hand, i think our dance teachers have just lost 4 years of their lives. 


Cuz i have never danced before and you can imagine how much patience our dance teachers had to have for those 4 days.

I now have a lot of respect for dancers.

I honestly treasure this experience, I learned so much.

One important thin...Read more

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My first directed MV

People ask me what this mv is about?  i say it's whatever you interpret it as. 

If you ask me about the meaning of the MV, i can tell you it has nothing to do with the song.  muahahaha!

Video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=bkms6xjDawg&feature=related

Well, i had loads of fun making this MV, cuz i plotted it, scrīpted it, and basically it had to be a one take deal. 

Rehearsing everything with set change, actor...Read more

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