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Dance Rehearsals

After 4 days of dance rehearsals, i can tell you i have gotten so much healthier. 

I have lost weight, got a lot of exercise, sleeping well and feeling much better.

On the other hand, i think our dance teachers have just lost 4 years of their lives. 


Cuz i have never danced before and you can imagine how much patience our dance teachers had to have for those 4 days.

I now have a lot of respect for dancers.

I honestly treasure this experience, I learned so much.

One important thing i learned is i cannot dance.  I absolutely have no talent here.

Good job Ah Kit (our Dance Teacher), and i thank you all for coming to watch the show tomorrow night, for having to sit there and suffer, muahahaha!

That's my foot right there, when i was having fun in Phuket long time ago. 

I miss those foot right now.

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almost 11 years ago
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hey~like u so much! my msn&email: vimieliza@hotmail.com
almost 11 years ago
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Although I can't come to the wonderful show on the scene , I'm sure you will never disappoint us.It must be very successful. Have a good rest ,Eric.Good night -- sweet dreams!
almost 11 years ago
wow ... so nice !!!
almost 11 years ago
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睇完你個拉闊, 覺得你MERCIo個件衫好靚呀. 今日公眾假期就即刻去香港專門店搵搵, 但係都搵唔到.你o係邊度買嫁? 好想買好想買!!~~~ 其實好想聽你唱應承. 希望下次再有機會啦.
almost 11 years ago
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yea, dancers are amazing at what they do... hehee... =) hope the show went well..
almost 11 years ago


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