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It’s been a while since I really blogged anything. It’s been kinda crazy actually. About 6 weeks ago I joined Warner Brothers in their distribution group at the Studios here inBurbank. It’s been a great time of learning more the in’s and outs of getting titles released on time. It’s also been good from a learning standpoint as to what goes into a distribution deal. (and ways that studios can charge the producers for things…) *So I will at least know how to protect myself better on my projects!


That being said… The feature film that I have been working on getting financed is moving along. We were able to attach a new supporting character that I am REALLY excited about. You’ve seen this guy in hundreds of films and television shows I am sure. We are fine tuning the packaging of the film to really make it more interesting for investors… so hopefully the next 6 weeks or so will generate a real buzz.


But all that aside too, I started writing again. I have some new projects that I am developing. It’s been so long since I actually shot anything, that I REALLY am feeling the itch to be creative. So I am hoping to shoot a few shorts this summer. If you guys are interested in acting in them, or networking on things… etc… let me know! Would be fun to meet some LA alive-not-dead’ers  J


And in all this too, I am so wanting to go back toHong Kongto connect with people I have not seen in a year!!  It’s the weirdest feeling that I have been going to HK every six months since 2004, and it’s been a year already with no HK…  SUCKS. ha-ha

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Celia 4
Hey Man! Congrats! I am am dying to go to HK I am so curious haha
over 12 years ago


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