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Well... I am sitting up having a hard time sleeping, so I thought I would check in on AnD. Its almost 3AM L.A. time...  I have never been really good with blogging. Plus since June everything I write seems to be about medical scares... SUCH a DOWNER, I know!  The funny yet sad thing is I broke my foot last week!!!  IT REALLY sucks! It was a fracture on my pinkie toe and some tendon damage... But still hurts... will be wrapped up in a soft cast for 2 months they say. If people ask me what happened I should come up with a good story like I was jumped by a gang of thugs or I was protecting some kids that were getting beat up and I smashed my foot kicking the bad guys...   *Instead of the real story that I was rushing to the TV to watch "The Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency" on Oxygen and I jammed my foot into the corner of a bookshelf... ha-ha.  That can be our secret.  :)  I know... so manly... ha-haBut on the positive side, the Executive Producer I am working with is about to close a deal that will secure the funding for a project I have been working on. We've had some ups and downs, and some of the key players changed on my side... But I am so happy with the cast list that will be in this film. It's the realization of a long fought project... Some of my friends know which project I am referring to. I should hopefully have some good news in the next couple of days. We are working towards a preproduction start date in November and shooting in Jan/Feb... so its just around the corner!It is something that I have been looking forward to for sometime.  Once we are ready for Preproduction, I will be hopping (or hobbling) on a plane to Hong Kong to visit our lead actress and cinematographer to make the necessary preparations and to deliver the news personally. Perhaps they are already reading it here?? he-he...  

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