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The King of Pop / Farrah / Ed McMahon

All I can say is WTF???

It sucks that the older you get the more you see the talented people you grew up watching pass on. Part of life... But still sucks.

MJ - He's had his troubles and issues... But no one can deny his talent, and the mark he left on the music industry, and pop culture. I can't imagine what 8th grade would have been like without the sounds from Thriller... or 10th grade with BAD... or even early college days with Black or White... It was really the soundtrack of my childhood, so I hope that he in death can have the peace he didn't seem to have in life.

FF - Sad and tragic death. Probably the worst way to go (not that there is a good way really)... But I can remember being a little guy and wanting to watch Charlies Angels... haha...  So sad... I hope that Ryan O'Neil and their Son can get through this.

Ed - He may have been a sidekick... but I remember growing up in the 70's, 80's and seeing Ed there... Sad when we lost Johnny... But to lose Ed now too... Its the final closing of that era of the Tonight Show... The end of an era to childhood.

All this in a few days...

Sad reminder of the fragility of life. Embrace the moment... Enjoy it...  :)

More to come....

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