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Parents 50th!!

So this weekend is my parents 50th Anniversary!! Its kinda crazy how the time flies... When you're a kid you don't think about these things... but I think my earliest memories of their anniversary (and understanding it's significance) was like when they celebrated their 20th...  So that realization that its been 30 years since that for me kinda messes ya up (if you're keeping track of the years). 1980!!! ha-ha...But it's a big event... 1 in 2 marriages here in the US now end in divorce... so to go 50 years is something. American culture has become so focused on self gratification to the point that the beauty of love and commitment (yes even through bad times) gets lost. So congrats Mom & Dad on 50 great years and being great role models! :)  More bloggn' to come.

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