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Hello Everyone,

What can I say... this is my first Blog on this site. A little information about me. I am a filmmaker with a passion for directing and producing, as well as a past where I "dabbled" in acting. That is to say I did small roles in television and Films from the early 1990's in order to get my SAG card. I sometimes toy with the idea of returning to being in front of the camera versus behind it. But time will tell...

I am currently wrapping up a scrīpt for a feature that I plan to shoot in Hong Kong. Having spent the past 3 years going back and forth there on a project that everyone seems to love, yet no one knows how to finance, I think its time to take back control of my career. I am planning to shoot the film entirely on HD and take it around to the festivals. I have some great talent here that would love to do cameos in the film for the LA scenes. So I think it will resonate with people on both sides of the ocean. For me, I have noticed that everytime I go to Hong Kong it gives me great inspiration. Which is ironic for me being so white and being terrified of different kinds of food! haha.  But my projects continually center on someone finding themself in Hong Kong. Maybe that parallels my own experience with the city.

Anyways... I will write more... And share pics... And video if I can figure out how on here. Thank you too for reading! :)

-Elliott  (8/27/07)



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