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Educational Lesson from 1997

Hey Everyone…

At lunch today, I pulled out an old notebook of mine from a class that I took on directing at UCLA with a known director. The date of the class was 12/17/97 (almost 11 years ago!) AYE YAH!!! The date of the class alone knocks the wind out of me!! (MAN… time files!) I remember that this was the last meeting of the class. We were on the quarter system, and this was the 1st class in a series of 3 (A,B,C). This class had maybe 100 students in it, and the B&C classes were like 15 students in each since it was hands on production oriented.  But that being said, I remember being both motivated by what he said, and semi-depressed. But there was truth in what he said too. I can see it even more 11 years later.  My advice to people out there… Do not be afraid. If you live in reality and do what you can to give yourself work… There is a better chance that you will see your goal realized…  (this may make sense after you read my notes!)  :)

12/17/97 1. Classroom work is ONLY Supplemental for what we do in REAL LIFE.

  1. FEAR --- Keeps you from making a feature on video… You are afraid of losing the "dream".  It's easier to live with the dream of becoming "someone" than to live with the knowledge that you tried and crashed & burned.

  2. Maybe 1% of the class will actually take the advice given in this class.

  3. "You can't open a store without a Product."  YOU MUST BE PRODUCT ORIENTED.

  4. You need to create a track record (history… resume).

  5. Need a 5 year plan that will build you to your feature. 5th year is your MASTER goal.

    a.  IN YOUR PLAN, you MUST assume ALL RESPONSIBILITY to make the project happen.

    b. Most of us invest the BEST of our lives, but demand ZERO profit.

        --WE MUST have a return on OUR investment.  (educational, financial, spiritual, etc…)



  3. GIVE YOURSELF THE OPPORTUNITY TO FAIL BIG  (this will set you up to examine what you want… encourages you to try harder)

This was just a portion of the notes…

The best advice that he gave I think was the FEAR point… A lot of people will talk about a project… or what they are working on… they will continually re-write… or say they need more $$$, or that they want the perfect actor in it. But I think that its because its safer to talk about some of this stuff than to actually put yourself out there to do it… You may fail… but what is worse… Trying and failing? Or failing to try?

Anyways… My advice… get out there and direct… act… write… Just do it… Learn from it… and do it again. :)

Hmmm... motivated and scared again... ha-ha

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