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The editing process is coming along!! The film is really starting to look good.


Hope to post more details soon…


In the meantime, here are some more pictures from the set!![](/attachments/2010/01/22/04/36943_201001220400321.thumb.jpg)Dominic & WilliamDominic & JulieDominic, Victor, and John CapodiceThe great John Capodice (you may remember him from Ace Ventura Pet Detective)Dominic looking like he is from the Twilight Series... :)John Capodice & Jude Ciccolella! *Jude is one of my favorite actors...You'll know him from 24... NCIS... Or my favorite... the cop in Glengary Glen Ross.Going over blocking with the greats![](/attachments/2010/01/22/04/36943_201001220401101.thumb.jpg)Dominic in the Restaurant.Julie waiting patiently... :)Me working with Dom & Vic

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