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Blog: Sunday, Jan 6 - Currently Watching

Currently watching "Knocked Up", "Flash Point" (staring Luis Koo), "Triangle" (Johnnie To film)

Next: "Hooked on You" (Johnnie To film)

Just watched:

"No Country for Old Men"


"There will be Blood"

"3:10 to Yuma"

"American Gangster"

"The Kingdom"

Just watched Hong Kong Films:

"Eye in the Sky"  (staring Simon Yam & Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Johnnie To film)

"The Secret"  (staring Jay Chou)

"Brothers"  (staring Andy Lau, Eason Chan)

"The Dectective" (staring Aaron Kwok)

"Mr. Cinema" - (staring Anthony Wong)

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The Detective was pretty good... :) Trianle was great too... If you saw it already, What did you think of the scene with the bags? Pretty cool. :) haha
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