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I recently attended the AFM in Santa Monica.

It was my first time attending. I will post some pics (soon). I have been going to the HK Filmart now for the past 3 years. But I thought, its just down the road... I have to go (even though the price to attend would have gotten me to Hong Kong and back and paid my admission to the HK Filmart...Seriously)  But it was worth it. I think the highlight for me was getting to see Terry O'Quinn from Lost. He is much taller in person (that or I am much shorter than I feel). ha-ha (probably the latter).

I got to meet some good people, and good contacts with companies. But it was interesting seeing "the Hollywood types" walking around... And by that I mean the stereotypical dressed in black, shirts unbuttoned at least one or two buttons too much (think Knight Rider yo!), holding their starbucks, doing their best to be seen.

As you may know too I broke my foot recently... Its getting better (thank GOD!!)... But its out of the cast now, and I am wearing a little boot thing that makes me hobble a bit... But even when my foot is not broken, I have a test for who is an A-hole and not an A-hole (pardon the expression)... Here is how you know... You are walking alone down a sidewalk or hallway, two people are walking towards you (could be just one guy walking  in the middle of the sidewalk). The real test is if they make room for you, or they run you over...

Lets just say, at the AFM there were a lot of people who like to run you over...

Ahhh Hollywood.


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Lady detective with caption
Elliott, Love your test. I have some private tests myself!!! Jeanne
almost 13 years ago


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