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A New Beginning

Well... This is a little weird for me to admit... maybe because it has been so many years... But out of High School I pursued acting. Granted I pursued it relatively half heartedly... I set a few goals, such as:#1 Get on Quantum Leap.#2 Get my SAG card.#3 Learn.Well... I got on Quantum Leap its last season 2 times... I got my SAG card... Then also was a "reoccuring character" on Saved by the Bell: The New Class. But the reality was that I wanted to be behind the camera... so I went back to school. Hard to believe... that was 16 years ago!!!  But recently I realised that I kind of missed that aspect of film.  So this week I actually started to study acting formally again. I am working with a casting director from Randi Hiller Casting. So far its been really great.I think at the very least it will help me to improve in how I communicate my creative vision to the actors I work with (when I direct). But I can see how now that I am older, I bring with me a whole new perspective on life.Anyways... Wish me luck as I include acting along with directing as my primary focus.  :)My Next Step... Find an AGENT.  :)

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