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My SayTaiwan Blog Space...

Dear folks, it's been another long while, but I am back again! Hope you are still with me! :)

It's Singapore's 46th National Day today but I have to say... a big part of my heart is now in Taiwan...After all, it's just a couple more days to my  SayTaiwan experience!!! 


For those unfamiliar with it, the Republic of China (Taiwan) is celebrating its centennial founding by organising the "International Youth Week - Centennial Homestay" programme, in which I was very lucky and blessed to be selected together with 249 other participants from around the world!

I will be hosted in Kaohsiung City and my host is Professor Pol Pai. We are working out my itinerary to allow me to see as much of Taiwan as I can within the 2 weeks.At some points of this 2-week programme, we will get the chance to attend a Centenniel Peace Day ceremony in Kinmen, a farewell banquet in Taipei, and we might even get to meet the Taiwan president, Mr. Ma Ying-Jeou!Besides using  Facebook and  Instagram and my  Tumblr blog (among others) to document the trip, here's also the official blog space where I would be posting photos and updating regular throughout my trip there.Check it out, my friends, and "Like" it if you like it!! :)

http://taiwanroc100.tw/100homestayen/Frienddetail.aspx?s=710&ms=1966&n=157Once I am in Taiwan, I might have limited access to the Internet. So from there on, I will be posting only on the blog in the above link, as well as here on Tumblr:


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have a good event!
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