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Wine tasting + Should I take in another dog?

[TO all who read - send me your opinion on the question at the end]

So I just spent the whole day tasting wines in Guangzhou....

It's been a long time since I tasted like THAT many wines, at least I'd say I tried at least 60-70 wines.   What I love about China is that some people drink the wine, so there were men/women walking around all drunk and stuff at 11am in the morning. Free booze!

Anyway, a man of many occupations (as my friends would put it) - kinda shame i can't put pics up.

ALSO - my wife at home with my kid (MISS THEM LOADS!) as my boy is GROWING SO QUICKLY. He's so cute!

So - then she told me that her brother doesn't want his dog anymore - which is about 4-5 months - cuz... well I won't go into it. Anyway, can't decide whether I should take her.

Basically I would loveto take her (Poppy - named after the dog in Shinobi game]. Because she is of working blood line. e.g. her genes make her suitable to be a working police dog and/or her puppies can also be of working line. And she's cute, and she's smart, and she learns quick, and she is sooo loving.... I know I probably don't have time, BUT i'll probably make time for her....... and she will need A LOT of time. But can i handle 3 dogs and a baby? [from 2] so... 

I'll get a pic of her soon - but she kinda looks like this  - and trained well, she'll be able to do this - one of very many things... =/

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRaCv4Njcnk

The video is not related to us at all. Just a vid i got from youtube.

The pic is a pic of her Grandfather.

Question : Should I take her or not?

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3 dogs, a baby, don't forget the wife (if you do I'm sure she'll remind you) and work as well!!! Sounds like a LOT to me!!!!? My heart would say YES, but my brain would say NO!.... Follow the brain, time is precious - never enough!!!
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