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Dog Attack + Bite = Me

Woo! Got to fit in the bite suit today!  A completely different feeling to having hard protected sleeves or leg sleeves.... I guess it's the fact that the dog is SO close to your face and gripping onto your arm... plus, the dog would bite so hard that it would 'pinch' the suit, taking some of my arm/flesh... so... a little bruised/scratched/pinched..... I was wearing pads underneath too...Thx to Lindsey for taking the photos!It made me a little 'hectic?' - anyway, was fun, and a great experience. Few more days to go!  Victory! (kind of)....

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Photo 214991
Cool! Looks like fun!! Used to have 2 very well trained Dobermann's was considering taking their training to more advanced levels including protection/security training but they didn't have the temperament. Big softies!!!
over 13 years ago
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it is kinda fun.....haha. thou, after the first day, my arms/legs/ankles were BRUISED UPPPPPPPP!
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