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USAB 2008 PreOlympic - Day 1

Call time is 10am, so I have to leave home early,

and have my opportunity to try on the NEW Cotai Jet,

but... cant believe I took the 8:30am,

thought that it'll be like 1-hour ride again,

and end up getting out the pier at 10:15am

But I gotta say it is very nice!!

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USA Basketball, HERE I COME

For those of you who is heading to Macao or Shanghai this week to watch the USA Basketball (aka DREAM TEAM) to play their pre-olympic matches, SEE YOU ALL THERE!!!!!!!

Note: I will be the official announcer and MC of the game!

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Usually, I was the one to be interview many sporting clubs and athletes,

but this time, in reverse, I was interviewed by the CHELSEA FC...

funny how that goes...!

HONG KONG BLUES-Y http://www.chelseafc.com/page/LatestNews/0,,10268~1351521,00.html Read more

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When Some Thing means Something

As simple as only a watch,

something that most people would have;

I am stunned by the design,

but rather astonuded by the meaning...

It does not matter how many carat on it,

or how many words engraved...It is the TRUE LOVE CARAT that shines,

it is the TENDER, LOVE & CARE,

the ONE AND ONLY "TLC",not beca...Read more

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Chinese tennis star Zheng Jie is no chicken

Here's a lesson in cultural diplomacy.

Zheng Jie, a native of earthquake-ravaged Sichuan province in China, is the first Chinese tennis player to make a Grand Slam semifinal, and the most successful wild card competitor in Wimbledon's history. She's a towering figure in Chinese sports, and yet Western broadcasters can't even say he...Read more

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Chocolates you would not wish to eat

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(Fwd by my dearest mother from Canada)

儘可能多關懷我們身旁的人 - - - 無論是父母、夫妻子女、朋友同事 , 一個笑容一聲問候,都可能改變一個悲劇的產生。












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Speak Out

This has bothered me for my past 3 year experience working in HK as a Media person, and this shit haunted me again this morning when I went out at North Point, trying to catch interviews from soccer fans, who hang out inside those HK-style cafe during live EURO matches.

All I want is just to get short words from those "fans" about their opinion towards the matches.  I really admired the creativity of HK people, to think of different unique excuses not to be on camera for interviews....

Some says,

they sneaked out f...Read more

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I definitely removed mine,

I suggest you all do the same.

Now you can see anyone's Driver's License

on the Internet, including YOUR OWN!

I just searched for mine and there it was ...

picture and all!

(Thanks Homeland Security!)

Go to the web site, and check it out.

It's unbelievable!!! Just enter your name, city and Province

to see if you...Read more

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A 183cm Aquarius returned to Hong Kong from Canada in 2005. NBA Commentator in LeSports HK & NBA GLOBAL GAMES China official game MC since 2007.

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