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USAB 2008 PreOlympic - Gameday #1

The game is on....


Their first pre-olympic warmup games, getting set for Beijing....

What is the score....? well everyone knows... or, who cares?! haha!

There'll be no contest for sure, just a great show for ppl to check out the DREAM TEAM, and see if they are still THAT GOOD!

I have to say that, this is an unbelievable experience for me, because this would be my first time as a PA Announcer for an international basketball game. NOT ONLY that, I also played the role as the event MC, to play with the crowd during break times on the court.

Work's tiring, but the best thing is, I got to do some shoot-around before our rehearsal... !

Getting pretty nervous before the game, but thanks for the nicest producer PATRICK who accompany me on my side.  He's super nice guy and seldom to have producer not yelling to his staff! haha!

Before the game, players' getting their touches...

(Michael Redd feeling the ball)

(Kobe Bryant getting his shooting touch ready)

Hey.... Even the Refs are getting their touches too

Being a PA Announcer of the game is a very tense job, unlike commentators which you can just say anything.  A PA Announcer ought to be precise on the game to report to the live audience... but when sometimes the players just sit RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU....basically blocking your view to the court... what should I do?

(Oh well, pick up your camera and start "shooting"! haha!)

After the game, I returned to be a normal basketball fan, especially when I saw my idol SAM PERKINS (we both use #14 as our jersey number!)

Alright, USA beats Turkey by over 30 points...


USA 114 vs 82 TUR

I did thought about hanging around inside the casino, see if I have the luck to bump into any of the basketball stars... but I was too exhausted already.

So, tomorrow, USA will play the stronger Lithuania team, hope to see a much exciting game. Ciao!

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yeah! beat them!
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