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wow.. when was the last time i wrote a blog.. anyways.. having a holiday from school now. very pleased. it gives me time to sit back and reflect and digest. i know what i need and i dont need people to feed me. i pay to get a degree and get enlightened, not to be spoon-fed. went thru some drama.. now im back with eva again. you're a good person and i really appreciate every little thing u did for me. hope we can grow together..been getting a lot of people asking thru facebook/email/msn or even in the streets about when is KZ's album gonna come out. its coming. haha.. not trying to be on any Dr Dre shit. but it really is coming.. its just delayed a bit due to various minor reasons. im not worried about this album. im moving on to upcoming projects. Mr. TAK's album? KZ's 3rd Album? An Instrumental compilation?i dont know.. im just constantly inspired by the people around me so we'll see where that leads me.yes. another question people have been asking me, what happened to 85up2? well. i really wanna know too. i guess not every member is on full form to perform and do more music. i respect that and love every member in the crew. so during this time, the instrumental side of 85 (me and Dennis Zee) is available to provide music for others. 85 Beat Crew is open for business. contact us thru our facebook group if u wanna buy a tailor-made beat.http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=133602576659329[![](/attachments/2010/07/09/03/344337_201007090346041.thumb.jpg)](/batch.download.php?aid=7440035)please join the group and support the movement.peace!

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Nice one man! Holla
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