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KONGKAST#84 - feat. Matt-U (Redvolume, Subway, BSE, Timeless/ Hungary) - Dubstep special

Are you ready for this week’s KONGKAST episode, fellow Dubsteppers?! We recommend you firmly hold on to your bassbins… KONGKAST is back, this time with the killa dubstep sounds of Hungarian DJ/ Producer Matt-U.

In a journey spanning from Drum and Bass to Dubstep , Matt-U has been transforming his sound into some serious dancefloor business over the years. With his heavy neuro-bassline dubstep productions he has recently got much attention from the likes of N-Type, TRG, Luke Envoy, Tes La Rok and many more. With a number of new heavy releases forthcoming, Matt-U is definitely an artist to look out for.

We send many thanks to Matt-U for bringing this special Dubstep set to KONGKAST - Hong Kong’s podcast for dnb and dubstep!

Now get on the download… listen in and enjoy. Turn up your speakers - the louder the filthier !

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Track listing and more about Matt-U below…



KONGKAST #84 - feat. Matt-U (Redvolume, Subway, BSE, Timeless/ Hungary) - Dubstep special

01. Matt-U - Take Cover (dub)

02. Matt-U - Dope (forthcoming Cool and Deadly)

03. Reso - Beasts In The Basement (dub)

04. Noah D and Babylon System - Take That Noah D VIP

05. Matt-U and Riskotheque - Guillotine Growl (dub)

06. Matt-U - Heads Up(dub)

07. Greymatter - Believe In Something TRG remix

08. DJ Madd - Wot 2 Play (dub)

09. TRG and Matt-U - One (forthcoming Cool and Deadly)

10. Headhunter and Luke Envoy - Chaos Engine (dub)

11. XI - Gravity (dub)

12. Von D - Truth Teslarok remix

13. DJ Madd and Matt-U - Sound System (dub)

About Matt-U (Redvolume, Subway, Wheel and Deal, Commercial Suicide, BSE, Timeless / Hungary)

Budapest based DJ/producer Matt-U is nothing less than a tune making machine. Armed with a seriously heavy deep and techy based sound, Matyas Szalai has made a name for himself releasing hard and heavy drum & bass for labels as renowned as the legendary Moving Shadow, Timeless and Cylon. With over 34 releases to his name since 2004, this is one producer you should be keeping an eye on.

His music encapsulates many genres of music, from drum & bass to dubstep, but all with that ‘Matt-U’ sound running throughout. Recently his dubstep tracks have been getting plenty of attention from DJs such as N-Type, TRG, Luke Envoy, Tes La Rok and many more. Look out for his releases forthcoming on Subway, Boombap, Mata-syn, Dub4Life and N-Type’s Wheel & Deal.

With just as much artistic emphasis placed on his DJ sets as his production, Matt-U can truly claim to cold rock a party with his impeccable blend of beats, incorporating everything from techy rollers to deeper, ambient pieces. This is one DJ who isn’t afraid to drop the right tune, at the right time to take the crowd on a very special journey.

(words by Jeryl)


http://www.myspace.com/mattudubhttp:// www.myspace.com/mattudnb

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