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Kongkast Dubstep Special featuring CYRUS (Random Trio Productions, Tectonic/ UK)

Bam… KONGKAST is 80! Thanks for all good messages and constant support from our listeners… It always rocks to hear back from you.

Yes, we are switching up our sound a bit, bringing more bass-heavy music from the dubstep territories. KONGKAST #80 comes with a deep mix from Cyrus (Random Trio), one of the pioneering Dj/ producers in Dubstep music.

Nursing his very distinctive style since the early beginnings of Dubstep, Cyrus is best known for his immensely powerful, sparse and sub-heavy tracks. As a main fixture in the UK dubstep scene , Cyrus has been pushing his sound across the board, not only being a successful producer and label owner, but also as pirate radio host on legendary station Rinse FM, as well as DJing at top UK nights DMZ, Sub Dub, FWD, and across the world. The desire for his sub atomic bass weight is constantly in demand!

The KONGKAST#80 dubstep special is one of Cyrus’ first mix-sets out of his new studio, packed to the rim with many of his latest killer productions… Many thanks & big up Cyrus for putting together this set for KONGKAST - Hong Kong’s dnb podcast!

Listen in and enjoy. Turn up your speakers - the louder the filthier !

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Track listing and more about CYRUS (Random Trio) below…



KONGKAST #80 - dubstep special feat. CYRUS (Random Trio Productions, Tectonic/ UK)

(track title - artist - label) 1. Decisions - Cyrus - Random Trio - Dub

2. Space cadet - Cyrus - Random Trio - Dub

3. In the background - Cyrus - Random Trio - Dub

4. Junkyard - Cyrus - Random Trio - Dub

5. Scanner - Cyrus - Random Trio - Dub

6. Violate - Cyrus vs Distance - RTP005

7. Heros - Cyrus - Random Trio - DSF freebie 02

8. Dream awake - Djunya ( Cyrus rmx ) - Insectminds

9. Silence - Cyrus - Random Trio - RTP005

10. Whispers - Cyrus - Random Trio - RTP004

11. CoCo riddem - Cyrus - Random Trio - Forthcoming - southside

12. Wet fart - Cyrus - Random Trio - Dub

13. Night after - Cyrus - Random Trio - Dub

14. Grot Bags - Cyrus - Random Trio - Forthcoming - southside

15. Groggy - Cyrus - Random Trio - Dub

16. Surrender - Cyrus vs Distance - Dub

About CYRUS (Random Trio Productions, Tectonic/ UK)

A veteran of the dubstep scene since it’s inception in early 2003, you couldn’t get better credentials for being a dubstep legend than Cyrus. Born and raised in the home of dubstep, Croydon (UK), home to fellow pioneers Skream, Benny ill and Benga. Indeed his story is almost identikit to his peers; djing drum and bass and then garage, honing his skills on pirate radio and local club residencies , the then 18-year-old got hooked on making music and had early success with Way We Do It drawing major label interest. From there, Cyrus decided to shun the expensive professional route realizing he could get his own unique sound with a DIY set up.

In 2003/ 04 with limited places to release his dark, brooding, boundary pushing take on UK Garage, Cyrus started his Random Trio Production imprint and launched the Lost City Ep, a track Hyperdub head honcho, Kode 9, battered at dubstep institution Forward. Having found a sound he could call his own, Cyrus’s perseverance paid off landing a regular slot on legendary pirate Rinse FM in 2004, and alongside Hatcha and Kode 9, was one of the only DJ pushing the dubstep sound.

Perfectly placed, there was no shortage of interest in his sound. Cyrus’s brutally minimalistic, hypnotic and cavernous sound is beautifully captured on his critically acclaimed album From The Shadows on Pinch’s Tectonic label. Further releases with Six6Six, 3.5, DubWar and Immigrant Recordings (now Imminent Recordings) have helped to cement his reputation as a key producer. And, It was no surprise when one of his more cinematic tracks featured in a major film. Indian Stomp appeared alongside Digital Mystikz and Kode 9, and also rather impressively, John Lennon, on the soundtrack for Children of Men. “The track was originally to be used in a hit US TV show, so to be told it was gonna be used in a blockbuster film was surreal.”

A main fixture at all the top dubstep nights  - DMZ, Sub Dub, FWD - Cyrus has also DJ’d the world, from America to Finland, the desire for his sub atomic bass weight is constantly in demand. In August 2008, he was asked to be part of Mary Anne Hobbs prestigious Generation Bass show on international BBC Radio One, a vital and important platform for dubstep.

So, what’s next for Cyrus? As well as starting a brand new label to release brand new talent and a few better known faces, he is starting work on a new album after the lengthy construction of a new studio and hopes to continue being allowed to push his sound to as many new ears as possible.

The KONGKAST#80 dubstep special is one of his first mix sets out of the new studio, packed to the rim with many of his latest productions. Many thanks & big up Cyrus!



For booking info contact: bookings@surefireagency.com

Watch Cyrus perform live on Mary Anne Hobbs’ show “Generation Bass” on BBC Radio 1 :


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