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Kongkast #66 - dnb podcast episode ft. exclusive guest mix by DISPLACED (Ruse Records, This Way Up / London - New Zealand)

This week on KONGKAST, a very special guest mix by DISPLACED (Ruse Records, This Way Up Agency / London - New Zealand)

Displaced is the front man for Ruse Recordings and This Way Up Events in London.

This digital studio mix show cases the present and future of what Ruse Records is all about.

Big up Steve Displaced for this gem! and mad love for Ruse Records.

Artist Bio and info below.

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Track list - Kongkast #66 ft. exclusive guest mix by DISPLACED (Ruse Records, This Way Up Agency/ New Zealand) http://a810.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/75/l_8311455587f9cef044a36b9f521a3481.jpg

(00:00) 01. Urban Notion - Insomnia | (RUSE)

(01:29) 02. .Lotus - How Can I Love Her | (RUSE)

(04:00) 03. Notion - You’re Always Around | (DUB)

(06:35) 04. Alex Pusher - We Are Space | (RUSE)

(10.35) 05. Insideinfo - Mega Drive One | (RUSE)

(12:25) 06. Felon & Sidius - Lucid | (RUSE)

(14:14) 07. Apex - Emo Funk | (DUB)

(16:24) 08. Subterra & Dekko - Eclipse | (RUSE DUB)

(17:10) 09. Cern - Dirt Bag - (DUB)

(19:44) 10. Aqua-Tek - Stay Close | (RUSE DUB)

(23:22) 11. Insideinfo - Clash | (RUSE)

(26:27) 12. Jade - Black Halo | (DUB)

(28:51) 13. Malsum - Tokio Ya No Nos Quiere | (RUSE)

(30:29) 14. Displaced - Oooh Yeah | (DUB)

(35:20) 15. SideWalk - Night Ghosts | (RUSE)

(39:47) 16. Manifest & Identity - Infected World | (DUB)

(42:20) 17. Subtone - Cabin Fever | (DUB)

(46:42) 18. Yabol - Dissociation | (RUSE)

**** About Displaced: Displaced was originally born in New Zealand then moved to London in 2004, following a Drum and Bass dream.

Displaced is the Label owner at Ruse Records and co-organizer of the renowned This Way Up events in London, an event show casing the highest up and coming and established artists; and as with the label; primarily pushing the sounds of neurofunk.

http://www.ruserecords.co.uk/displaced1.jpg Keeping busy, Displaced set up the This Way Up Artist Agency based in London, UK the agency manages a high quality roster of Drum and Bass and Dubstep artists.

Displaced comes from a diverse musical back ground, formerly a singer in a heavy metal band, yet heavily into gangster rap, hip hop and everything from jazz to opera.

Displaced has recently been learning production, so you may expect to hear some of his tunes in the near future.

For more information on Ruse Records, This Way Up Events/Agency and Displaced, check below.






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