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Hellboy 2: hell yeah

Been waiting years for this to come out. For many reasons I was a big fan of the first Hellboy movie, and eventually The Golden Army gets released in a couple weeks. Can not wait.

I'm partly a fan because they made a decision to use practical effects where-ever possible, avoiding digital unless is was the only way to go for a certain shot. The vomit inducing shots of Spiderman and the current Stars Wars films seem to concentrate more on how far you can throw the camera and less on what the lens is actually looking at.

Secondly I'm a fan because Guillermo Del Toro clearly & absolutely loves what he does and that always comes through in his films (watch any of the hours of documentaries which usually back up his films to see what I mean).

Finally ... Hellboy was just a great looking comic and they translated that to screen quite honestly ... they didn't make a movie out of the comics, they made a moving comic. Anyway. Done my bit to promote the flick, now just kick back until July 11th. [edit: DOH! August 14th in Hong Kong ... why, Guillermo, why ...]


By the way - any console fans will note that the Hellboy game is also out now for X360 and PS3. I'm a sucker for anything involving weapons, monsters, darkness and cigars ... so will be picking that up pronto :)

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ha - I'll take that as a compliment!
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