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Sorry for being MIA but I'm officially back on the radar!

A couple months back in October I was asked to shoot some new spots for The Cartoon Network.  Now a couple of the spots are finished and I thought it was time to blog about them.

The cool thing was this was one of the only few times that they used live action people!

We had to shoot around 10 spots with a group of kids who sang different theme songs in each spot.  Of course, this would all be accompanied by crazy cartoon effects which would be all added later.

Our first objective was to shoot in a huge bluescreen room...

The kids they got were really good! They were all quite photogenic and had spunky personalities that were perfect for television.

In between takes they would all chat and play on their mobile devices.

All the parents knew in advance to bring along things that would occupy time =)


The spots were directed and produced by Evan Steer, who works for Cartoon Network.

One of the reasons we had to shoot on Bluescreen as opposed to Greenscreen, was because one of the main franchises of Cartoon Network is Ben 10, and the color scheme for his costume and his major prop, the Omnitrix, was GREEN!

They sure didn't skimp out on catering!

We ended up shooting for 2 full days.

In the end, it was a super fun shoot and I can't wait to see how these kids will turn out!

And here are some of the finished spots:

Video: http://



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Wow. Big shoot for Hk.
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It's all about the Scooby Doo!
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Lol, cute
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hey what is the name of the teenage guy??
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