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I finally have a chance to sit down and write. Just came back from a trip to Lake Tahoe, California where I was snowboarding for the past four and a half days. It’s been a long time since I have snowboarded, so that compounded with age has made my entire body sore. Even though I’m in total pain right now, I had a really great time. Snowboarding is one of my favorite sports. Are there any hardcore snowboarders out there?

The last month was an extra busy one for me. I finished shooting Blood Brothers, went to Taiwan for our final Alive concert, filmed a TV commercial and rushed back home so I could spend the X-mas holidays with my family (my first X-mas at home in almost ten years!)

November was rough because we were rushing to finish Blood Brothers. The last two weeks were exceptionally tiring because we had almost no time off. Work, sleep, work, sleep, work! I was happy to work with my friends but I think we were all relieved to get it done. This should be a really sharp and stylish film.

After Blood Brothers, I rushed back to Hong Kong to do some promotional work for “The Protégé”. I will be out of Hong Kong until the premiere so I had to get all that out of the way. I have not seen the entire film yet but I am totally excited about this movie. Andy Lau is a legend and Derek Yee is my favorite Hong Kong filmmaker. Look out for it this CNY.

Our final ALIVE performance Dec. 9 in Taiwan was really fun. Thanks to those of you who made it out to MOS that night. It was a small and intimate show but a great way to end ALIVE and give birth to two new babies: 24 Herbs and Terence Yin. Conroy’s new hip-hop group, 24 Herbs killed the stage. Brian, Ghoststyle, Kit, Phat and Conroy were awesome. Conroy really surprised me with his hardcore rap flow. I really look forward to seeing them perform again. Terence’s solo performance was the other highlight of the night. His cover of “When September Ends” was sweet. I’m so happy my friends are out there doing what they want to do. All I can say for me is, I’m glad I don’t have to sing again!

As you may have read in Terence’s blog, we are very close to launching the new site. This is something we’ve wanted to do since the beginning of ALIVE but we simply didn’t have the resources to do it. Now we’ve finally assembled the proper team,it’s going to be great. Kudos to Terence for working so hard on getting this done.

Now I’m officially on my sabbatical, you won’t be seeing or hearing much from me for the next few months. Except for The Protégé promotions, I will be taking time off from anything work related. Some good R&R has been long overdue so I will be taking advantage of the next few months to go out, see the world and charge my batteries. I will try to keep blogging as much as possible but there may not be any computers where I’m going. So take care and hope you all have a happy holiday season!



上個月是我最忙的一個月,剛拍完「Blood Brothers」,又為我們的「Alive」最後演唱去了趟台灣,又拍了個電視廣告,之後趕著回家跟家人一起過聖誕﹔這可是我差不多十年來第一次跟家裏人過聖誕。

十一月忙著為「Blood Brothers」埋尾,所以最後那兩個星期特別累,因為根本沒有時間給我們休息,一路工作…睡覺…工作…睡覺…工作…,不過,跟朋友一起工作,我還是很開心的,大伙都鬆了一口氣,因為工作已順利完成。這部電影真的好出色好有型。

繼「Blood Brothers」之後,又趕回香港替「The Protégé」做宣傳,在這部戲首影禮之後,我就會離開香港。雖然我還沒看過整套戲,但我對此戲十分興奮,因為有傳奇人物劉德華和我最喜愛的電影製作人爾冬陞。留意春節的檔期將會推出!

12月9日「Alive」在台灣演出了最後一場演唱,真的非常過癮,得感謝好多人親臨MOS參與,演出規模雖然不大,但場地雖小,氣氛卻親蜜和睦,為 Alive畫上完美句號。同時更帶出了兩個新生兒…「廿四味」和「尹子維」。陳子聰的新組合在台上還真罩得住,Brian、Ghoststyle、 Kit、Phat和子聰,真勁抽!這陳子聰真令我意外,他的终極「數白欖」簡直令人叫絕。真的期待能再看到他們的演出。尹子維的個人演唱,造成當晚的高潮,他唱的「When September Ends」真甜。我好開心我的朋友們個個都能做他們想做的事,我對我自己卻只能說:「我好開心,我不用再唱了!」


我現在在小休期,這幾個月裏,除了做「The Protégé」的宣傳,跟工作有關的事我全都不會做。好好的休息和娛樂對我來是都久違了,所以我要利用這幾個月的時間,好好的看看這個世界和充電。我會試著寫Blog給你們,但如果在沒有電腦的地方,我想做也沒門。所以,保重囉!祝大家有個開心的節日假期!


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Protege is such a good movie. I highly recommend it to everyone!
over 13 years ago
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Her sunnies is not a big *ick* to me but her TRIPLE layer clothing are! Wannabes do not try this at home/work/anywhere... This serious biz lookg clown doesnt fool anybody! Repent yr choices...
over 13 years ago
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missing snowboard....
almost 13 years ago


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