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ISHK Film Panel Discussion

The independent film crew really turned out in force for the I Shot Hong Kong Film Festival panel discussion at California and I must thank everyone who came for showing support.

A BIG crew came from Alive Not Dead, including Simon, Patrick, Darren, Rob, and spenser. I'd also like to thank Terence Yin for his tireless support of I Shot Hong Kong.

All in all, about 80 people turned up to listen to the speakers, Bey Logan (Weinstein Co), Lorna Tee (Irresistible Films)  and Antony Szeto (director, Wushu).

The panelists gave their opinion on the direction of HK's film industry, government funding, private financing, art versus commercial, multi-cultural films, the industry across Asia and many other topics. Our thanks go to Bey, Lorna and Antony for providing their time.

Bey Logan was bold enough to tell the audience he would entertain any proposal or treatment anyone had to offer and that he would provide an appropriate appraisal. A bold move Bey, but much appreciated. Hopefully, we'll see you emerge from the impending pile in time for the film festival in June!

Audience questions ranged mostly around funding and career opportunities in Hong Kong.

Several industry heavy hitters, such as William Pfeiffer (Tiger Gate) and John Raczka were also in the audience and offered their advice to the audience in post panel drinks.

I would like to thank Marisa Zeman, from the LKF group, for allowing us the use of California for the event, ISHK Creative Director, Lindsay Robertson and ISHK Marketing Director, Joyce Hu, both who worked tirelessly to set up the event.

Also, Berton Chang who provided the stills pics for the evening. Much appreciated.

We have been overwhelmed by the phonecalls and emails supporting the event and the requests for follow up events, which we are now looking at.

One thing is for sure, events such as this prove their is a vibrant indie movement in Hong Kong and an audience willing to see new and different films.

Rock On!


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it was rad! can't wait for the next event!!! :)
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