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I Shot Hong Kong

Hold on to your film clippings, we are just a DOP's breath away from launching this year's submission notice for the next I Shot Hong Kong film festival.

It's always a huge undertaking to organise the event, to attract sponsors with the right attitude to independent film-making and to make the festival as revelant as possible to the filmmakers and to the audience and this year we hope to make the festival bigger and better than ever before.

For a start, we are adding an extra category, Documentary, to the established categories of Short Film, Animation, and Music Video. As well, I'm putting together a board of advisors - highly respected individuals from the film, arts and business arenas - to provide influence and experience to the I Shot Hong Kong festival. Hopefully, this will result in better sponsorship, bigger prizes and a better festival all round.

As well as the website at www.ishothongkong.com, the team is also building facebook and alivenotdead profile sites.

As soon as we are ready to go with the submissions launch, I'll have more information on how to get your films into the festival and up on to the big screen. Laterz. C.

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looking forward to it!!!!
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