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On The Road Again

It's been months since I last blogged. That's not because I've had nothing to blog about. Actually, it's quite the opposite. Been extremely busy. We've been shooting in the U.S. in Baton Rouge, New Orleans and editing the trailer and promo to the Plastic Oceans film in Las Vegas. Locally, in Hong Kong, we just finished shooting a fabulous campaign for Shanghai Tang and we are doing pre-production for a campaign for Esprit, to be shot later this month. More to come on both when the film is edited and ready for release. I'm now in the UK preparing for the next leg of filming in Germany, the U.S., Fiji, Tuvalu, Lord Howe Island and Tasmania. It's then back to the UK for further preparations for filming in Manila, Hawaii and Midway Island in the middle of the Pacific. I'm particularly excited about the Fiji leg. Among the human health and marine sequences of mantas, sharks, fish and night diving sequences we are also filming a sequence with me and Fiji's top pro surfer at Cloud Break, considered one of the top five surf breaks on the planet. I'm feeling a little intimidated by it as it's pretty hard core. I'm rather unfit and haven't had a surf in two months due to my filming schedule, so I've started a swimming campaign here in the UK in a late moment attempt to get my vo2 max in some sort of order. I'm also hoping to film some surfing sequences in my home state of Tasmania when we go there to film Shearwater birds nesting on the outer islands. Marrawah, on the West Coast of Tasmania's North-West Coast is a sacred aboriginal area and has fantastic surf, making for an incredibly spiritual experience in the water. I will post pictures as we go and try and keep up with blog. For now, it's off to Cologne.

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