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I'm alive!!!!!!! | 我還活著!!!!!!! | 我还活着!!!!!!!

Peace All,

I'm alive!!! how's everyone been going? been rolling in the lounge room these nights!! room a/c getting fixed.. panda bear feel these last few months!! el-natural smokey eyes!!! Just lucky to get time write and read some blogs!!! Welcome to al the new heads in AnD!! So much has happened.. I guess you can see remenants through various photos, videos, blogs etc.. Anyway coming soon we'll be some x-games instructional videos from the xfed camp!!!!!!! Josie's new album is rocking!! whatever rock you want!!!! buy now!!! Let's Fight 3 is coming up!! great concert-choc full of rockers/hip hoppers/show stoppers!!

On a more sombre note: please give peace, love and positivity to all people suffering though "natural disasters"!!

food for thought:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRN0GDFH3Vs&feature=relate The world needs more good vibes!! regenerate, revitalise and enlighten!

check this out for the progressive mind: ted.com

Peace to all!!


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRN0GDFH3Vs&feature=relate 這世界需要更多vibes!!重建、復興、啟蒙!到ted.com了解這個激進的想法!!和平,子聰

| 各位和平,我还活着!!!各位都好吗?最近晚上都在起居室呆着!! a/c房已经修好。这几个月感觉象熊猫!!很自然的熊猫烟熏眼!!!很开心有时间读、写一些博客!!!欢迎各位AnD新朋友!!最近发生了许多事情。我猜你们最近已经看到了许多照片、视频和博客。好啦,我们很快会发布X协会的X-games指导视频!!!!!!!何超的新专辑超级棒!!无论你要的摇滚是哪一种!!!!现在就买!!! Let's Fight 3即将开始!!这是汇集摇滚乐手/Hip-hopper/show stoppers的超级演唱会!!附带提醒:请为正遭受”自然灾难”的灾民们付出更多和平、爱和积极支持!!精神食粮:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRN0GDFH3Vs&feature=relat e 这世界需要更多vibes!!重建、复兴、启蒙!到ted.com了解这个激进的想法!!和平,子聪

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Palwong 45 palwong
Happy can read yr new blog again~! Busy conroy
almost 16 years ago
45862083 0af2fd4d5d
great! ps - i just uploaded a few pics from Kim's, check them out!
almost 16 years ago
Conroy c0 conroy
good to see you guys again!!
almost 16 years ago



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