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coming months

    Peace Homes!!!!!

How's everyone doing? Olympiced out!!!

It's great to see the athletes go out there excel!!! Coming from Australia.. sports is everything!!! Definitely great to see competitive sportmanship!!

Would love to see that more in the community..  Sports is a lifestyle.. especially the newer sports such as x-games!! Unfortunately the politcalisation of sports is a downfall!!

This is reality, especially knowing the machinations of the sportsworld in Asia!! Glory is a moment in time but it's still part of time..

go forth compete and enlighten!!! good luck to all athletes in the olympics!!!!

On another note.. everything is going well.. can"t believe we're in the latter part of the year now!! So much to do but also need to keep reminding myself.. take a break.. clarity.. focus!! Working hard is good but work smart and healthy!! balance....

Till next time enlightened ones!!


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