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Anniversary T-shirts designs

 prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /Hello, I’m so happy that AND will have so soon its second successful year of life. I’m having so much fun and meeting so many nice people here that I thought  I should come up with something happy for the anniversary T-shirts designs contest and this is what I got:

Smiley Boy and Smiley Girl. Hope you like it.



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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
this one is cute. i like how the flame is the hair. =)
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nice ...
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i'll stick with black!
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Photo 332573
your T-shirt so cute... so imaginative !!! look forward your new creations !!!
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Photo 277167
HI claudia you're welcome for the vote :-). I got to confess how I came to vote for you. I received a comment in my guestbook from Yangchunlei who has those terrific paintings and when I was browsing over some of the paintings he had posted on his page I was really struck by one of them wiith three characters in it hunourously and sympathetically drawn drawn, full of rich detail. So I went to comment on the painting and saw a comment from yourself there. And at the time there was hardly any other comments on his paintings and I thought it was pretty cool that someone else had obviously zoomed in on and been impressed by the same one as myself. ANd you had such a great smile!!! :-). So when I had a look at your own page I saw that you had entered the T-shirt competition and thought what I would do was I would go and vote for your design. So I scrolled down the designs on the competitions looking for your name....and saw it, and voted on the T-short above your name!! I have to admit it wasn't easy because....well to be honest I wasn't really all that impressed with the T-shirt that was ABOVE your name. And I struggled to find something good to say about it. But I thought...well my impulse was that since this lady had taken the time to appreciate this chaps painting and well, I htink I wouuld like to help this chap, I thought to create a bitta goodwill I'll vote for you anyway. Then I saw your name a second time, BESIDE where your first name was and voted on THAT T-shirt design also. I thought the drawing at least on that design really showed some talent and was pretty impressed. However it was still fairly obvious to me that as a T-SHIRT it didn't work. It was only on close up that the drawing loked good. Which wasn't good for a T0shirt design, which you want to look good even from a distance. But I voted on it anyway, this time at least more enthusiastically than I had voted on the first one, because I had at least been impressed with the drawing. SOme time later when looking bac I realised my mistake. The T0shirts YOU designed were the ones UNDERNEATH your name and not the ones above. Unfortunaltely I couldn't figure out how to delete my votes on the other T-shirts. But I voted for yours anyway. ANd I promise you your T-shirts WERE far easier to vote for. Particularly the ladies T_shirt. I would want to buy that for any ladyfriends of mine on AnD!! Really!! Streets above the others!! Do you know though the most embarrassing thing? The two people's whose designs I accidnretally voted for wrote to me to thank me. There was no way I could have written back to them explaining that I had meant to vote for you. I didn't want to hurt their feelings felt pleased that I had said nice things about their T0shirt designs. Well I say I didn't like the first one...it wasn'tTHAT bad, it was just that you could hardly make out her design. and it didn't stand out enough. Anyway Yangchenlei has written to me asking if I could please tell him how he can become an official artist on AnD. Since you are an official artist yourself, and appreciate his painting also, I was wondering if you could help with this. I notice on your profile that you live in China and so maybe you speak Chinese? Yangchunleis English isn't very good and I am worried he might struggle to follow the instructions I posted in his guestbook. I thought maybe if you DO speak Chinese you could maybe just tell him how to get to the elp page where it tells you how to become an offical artist and how to have that page written in chinese, (if you look at my last comment in his guestbook you'll see what I mean...if you could tell him the same stuf, but in chinese...or if that is too difficult, maybe you could get someone who DOES speak chinese to do it? I am sure you will know more chinese speakers than me!! Anyway I DO love your designs I promise!!! When I realised the mistake I had made I had to laugh!!
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Photo 277167
P.S. : how come the boys T-shirt doesn't have a flame on it?
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Photo 247143
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Photo 330893
you are the best!
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Photo 180048
Nice! Creative, in the sixth sense of AnD. I invite you to visit my drawing with free comments. Cheers
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