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week one

Week one went by quick here and memories of NY is already fading.  A co-worker asked for travel tips to NY and I was already having a tough time remembering.  May be it's b/c there's so much to take in here in HK and I'm loving all of it.  I feel like I have lived here for years already and even out pacing my expectation of what I can get done in a week. 

But, I do still feel am a bit out of touch w/ things here still, and not sure where I fit in.  Looking for a place to call home and will take time to figure that out.  But things feel right here, and I get that same feeling I had when I was here last year for my trip to China.  It's the people that I feel so connected to, and it's not just ppl in HK, but the Billions of pepole near by in China.  So It's really sad to see the effects of the Earthquakes and I feel helpless in hopes to do something to help soon.  If anyone knows any plans for aid, let me know, I just haven't found anything here yet.

Well, working 12 hrs days now, but looks like that's the new life.  I hope week 2 and onward will be as packed as the first.  My time here will be lived in turbo speed.... keep the foot on the gas and ignore all breaks.

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hey Chung, so you finally made it there. best of luck to you and keep me updated on your end. i will do the same. hopefully i will stop by HK sometime soon. take care of yourself and good luck with everything you do there. you will be missed. sincerely, Jae-Ho
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