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on the road

After spending 6 months in HK, this trip back to New York have already allow me to see friends, family and many more. 

here're some highlights I want to write down before I forget... and I hope to put up pictures to go with them soon:

-Saw a Dog sing

-Interviewed and got an offer for a new job in HK

-Spend Halloween on the streets of NY, saw some crazy costumes

-Became a tourist in NYC once again after living in the area for 20 yrs

-Went car shopping with a friend and sat in while he test drove the Lexus ISF with 400+ HP

-Went to the Chanel mobile exhibit in Central Park

-Went to the Guggenheim, MET and Moma

-Went to the polls and saw election coverage at Election plaza in NYC

-Drove upstates and saw the fall foliage

-Ate BBQ Ribs and Chicken

-Ate good authentic Japanese and Korean food

-Ate burger @ JG Melon, and burger @ five guys... twice

-Ate French food in Montreal... including ratatouille, crepes and french pastry.

Then this week, I will get to:

-Visit my apartment and check on it

-Visit my storage and try to get some of my winter cloths

-Visit more friends in the city

-Fly to Tokyo for a few days and stay in the Capsule hotel


And to think I was almost going to cancel the trip at the 11th hr...  So glad I didn't. 


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oh yeah oh yeah! PAUL'S BURGERS!! Got to go get some!
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