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new email = new personality

I have a theory that with each new email address, people takes on new personalities.  Most people have more than one email addresses these days, and I don't know about you, but I write differently with each account. 

One obvious difference is between work and personal emails.  But I think it goes beyond that...  think about it as I build up a real argument.

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totally agree and you are the perfect case! hahaha. emails are like a disguise. sometimes you feel like superman...sometimes you just want to be clark kent. and sometimes...you just want to be Chung Tsang!
about 11 years ago
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I only have one email address. Have had it since 1997 or something, when I first went to Hotmail and signed up. Used to have a work email, but being unemployed, back to just the one email heh. I don't know if I write any differently between the two (work and personal Hotmail email) accounts though. When I write to someone important at work, I write more professionally, when I write to someone important from my personal email I write more professionally as well. When I write to a friend at work, I write the same as if I was writing a friend from my Hotmail account, bad grammar, smilies and all.
about 11 years ago
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I got two one is me Chung Dha Lam of my own Dutch design company Chung Dha other my Hong Kong alter ego Jona Lam of Dai Fu Lou . But both mail send to my hotmail and I reply with my hotmail too. So no real different in mailing people at all.
about 11 years ago
You should see the difference between two different profiles I keep (NO not here) at a message board. HA! "their" personalities are night and day.
about 11 years ago
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I have to say the only real dif is pro and not. I write according to whom I'm emailing.
about 11 years ago


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