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Global casting call!

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Hey everyone, haven't blogged in awhile.  But I have some exciting news and want to get the folks in the Alive not Dead community involved.  I’m working with Korean-American filmmaker Benson Lee, director of 'Planet B-boy 'and the upcoming Sony Pictures film 'Battle of the Year' starring Chris Brown and Josh Holloway. Benson is about to embark on a groundbreaking Asian American film and he’s casting it on Facebook!

Our goal is to shatter Asian stereotypes in our movie and discover the next generation of Asian stars. This is a fun coming of age movie set in the 80s about a bunch of internationally raised Korean teenagers spending their summer in Seoul Korea. Please click on the facebook video link below to watch a short clip about the film. From there you can like the page and register to get updates on the film.  You can also register to audition for a role! https://www.facebook.com/SeoulSearchingMovie/app_337612099680642The youtube Video is embedded below as well:

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i gotta check out that planet b-boy movie!
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